101 SPEC Kit 360: Learning Analytics WESTERN UNIVERSITY Official Student Record Information Privacy Policy https://www.uwo.ca/univsec/pdf/academic_policies/general/privacy.pdf Academic Handbook, General Policy, Student Record Information Privacy Policy Page 2 Last Revised: 2008 08 current student.] and (e) former student means any person who has attended the University but has not received a degree, diploma or certificate and is not active in a program. During the University recruitment process, information will be collected and used to identify prospective applicants who will be encouraged to apply for admission to the University. During the admission process, information will be collected and used to establish a record and assess an applicant’s qualification for admission to the University. During the registration process and the student’s subsequent academic career, specific information that constitutes the Official Student Record will be collected, maintained and used by the University to: record performance in programs and courses record decisions of academic appeals/petitions and scholastic and non-academic offence decisions and sanctions provide the basis for financial aid, awards and government funding and, assist the University in the academic and financial administration of its affairs which, for example, can range from the day-to-day administration of academic programs to long- range financial or capital planning. All documentation submitted to the University in support of an application for admission, residence accommodation, or financial award, or as part of any investigation, appeal/petition or request, becomes the property of the University. Other than disclosure of information specified in Section 4(a) below, the University is committed to taking every reasonable step to protect the confidentiality and privacy of the information contained in the Official Student Record or collected on prospective applicants and applicants who do not become students. Such information must not be disclosed to any individual or institution outside the University, its Affiliated Colleges, or organizations offering joint programs, placements, internships, etc., as part of a course or program at the University, except in the following circumstances: with the student’s consent (written preferred) under compulsion of law in accordance with the requirements of professional licensing or certification bodies pursuant to an investigation of possible misrepresentation concerning an individual’s references, attendance, performance, status within, or completion of an academic program at the University or at another academic institution in compassionate or emergency situations, as determined by the custodian of the information and in other circumstances set out in the University’s Guidelines on Access to Information and Protection of Privacy [hereafter Guidelines on Access] or as permitted under applicable federal or provincial legislation. The University will maintain a record of all occasions on which Official Student Record information, other than information specified in Section 4(a), is provided to a third party in the absence of the consent of the student. The contents of this record will be available to the student upon request unless disclosure of the information would compromise an ongoing University or criminal investigation, or is otherwise prohibited by
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