21 SPEC Kit 360: Learning Analytics We are still determining what this will look like, but we are considering a combination of aggregate lending statistics, instruction attendance, and overall building usage. Additional comments N=6 As far as we are aware, no one on campus has asked for any library-specific data beyond what was described in part one of this survey (related to data collected by Learning Innovation), and therefore we have not shared it. That said, institutional staff are beginning to express interest in having library- specific data related to how students are using library resources and services, so we anticipate being asked for data in the coming months/years. At this point, we do not have formal plans for how data will be shared. We do currently share results of aggregate analysis with other offices on campus when asked or when we feel other campus offices and units would be interested in the results of library studies or analysis. As stated above, some of our Peer Research Assistant data goes to the Student Success Data Dashboard as part of the Engagement Centers initiative. No plan to contribute library transactions data to the campus data warehouse. There is some interest but we don’t have the capability. The university does not have an institutional research office. There is a business intelligence unit, and there are some discussions starting with that team. We are in contact with the office of student affairs to include library data in their analyses. No timeline has been set and no decisions about what data to include have been made. We only share aggregated data with the Office of Assessment and Decision Support a couple of times per year. They collect IPEDS, Peterson Guide, and other types of high-level collections and budget figures. 14. Does the library place stipulations on how those units must handle the library’s analytics data? N=33 Yes 8 24% No 25 86% If yes, please briefly explain the stipulations. N=8 All data is anonymized to protect personal information. Circulation and ILL data are aggregated by department. Individual data is not released. Library would not supply any data that would allow to identify what materials are used by individuals (e.g., books read, journals articles accessed, etc.) Raw data is not provided. Reports and visualizations include aggregated statistics and summaries that include observations and recommendations. Currently, identifiers are not provided in the data we report or provide to others. In research projects, we often have to comply with the Institutional Research Board in order to protect privacy of students participating in assessment or UX projects. There are very few cases that we share the data, but the data shared does not include patron information that it violates privacy. We are in the process of developing these stipulations in a formal document at this point, they are handled on a case-by-case basis. We are in the process of making that determination.
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