36 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses Requests are routed through the assessment and statistics coordinator, who determines how to respond and gathers data as needed We apply our standard privacy policy. Additional comments N=5 I don’t think we generally have received these types of requests. Not a formal process. The person listed as responsible for collecting and keeping the data is contacted and is responsible for responding when data requests are received. The institutional request for data has prompted us to begin this analysis and discussions. We would cooperate and collaborate with any department requesting institutional data. While there is not currently a plan in place, these types of requests would likely be routed to the appropriate people if they came into the library as a request from another office. To my knowledge, no other campus partner has requested this type of data from us yet, but it would be good to have a workflow in place in case this does happen in the future. 39. What types of training have library staff received to support library learning analytics projects? Check all that apply. N=43 Training on specific tools 29 67% Institutional Review Board requirements 27 63% Privacy requirements (e.g., FERPA) 22 51% Data visualization 20 47% Data management 17 40% Data security 15 35% Anonymization practices 9 21% Data cleaning 8 19% No training 7 16% Other training 6 14% Please specify the other training. N=6 Creating protocols for user surveys. Staff can consult with our library reporting and assessment analyst. Library staff have expertise in many of these areas but have neither received nor been required to participate in formal training offered by the university or other entity. Research analytics Research methods Statistics (a little) We will likely need more training as we begin to consider what data to share, policies, etc. 40. Please enter any comments you have regarding learning analytics procedures. N=7 All are trained on FERPA by the university. Training on other topics varies by staff member and project. Currently our learning analytics are informal, ad hoc user assessment. Usually anonymous and qualitative.
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