56  Library Privacy Statements and Policies INDIANA UNIVERSITY BLOOMINGTON LIBRARIES Privacy Policy https://policies.iu.edu/policies/lib-01-libraries-privacy/index.html Indiana University Policy: Indiana University Libraries Privacy Policy LIB-01 This PDF created on: 08/24/2017 2 This privacy notice applies only to the Indiana University (IU) Libraries and explains our practices concerning the collection, use, and disclosure of user information. Usersʼ information collected by the Indiana University Libraries will be used only as outlined in this privacy notice. Other units at the University may collect and use visitor information in different ways. Therefore, visitors to other University web sites and those who interact with University units and departments should review the privacy notices for those units or for the particular University web sites they visit. The IU Libraries are not responsible for the content of other web sites or for the privacy practices of University units or web sites outside the scope of this notice. III. Indiana University Libraries' Commitment to Our Users' Rights of Privacy and Confidentiality This privacy policy explains our users' privacy and confidentiality rights, the steps the IU Libraries take to respect and protect privacy, and how we deal with personally identifiable information that we may collect from our users. 1. Notice & Openness The IU Libraries affirm that our library users have the right of "notice" -- to be informed about the policies governing the amount and retention of personally identifiable information, and about why that information is necessary for the provision of library services. The IU Libraries post publicly and acknowledge openly the privacy and information-gathering policies of the IU Libraries. Whenever policies change, notice of those changes is made publicly available. In all cases involving personally identifiable information, it is our policy to avoid creating unnecessary records to avoid retaining records not needed for the fulfillment of the mission of the library and to avoid engaging in practices that might place sensitive information on public view. Information that the IU Libraries may gather and retain about current and valid library users includes, but is not limited to, the following: Circulation Information This includes all information that identifies a user as borrowing specific materials, including reserve materials. Collection Development and Resource Management This includes information regarding the request, purchase, transfer, and related collection management requests linked to individual users or groups of users (e.g., departments). Electronic Access Information This includes all information that identifies a user as accessing specific electronic resources, whether library subscription resources, electronic reserves, or other Web resources. Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery This includes all information that identifies a user as requesting specific materials. Library Surveys/Assessment Projects This includes any information or data obtained by any IU library through surveys (group or individual interviews or other means) in support of assessment of services, collections, facilities, resources, etc., or in support of research related to library and information services. Any data collected in the course of research is subject to additional review of privacy and confidentiality protections. Reference/Research Consultations This includes any information regarding the identity of library users, the nature of their inquiry, and the resources that they consult. User Registration Information This includes any information the library requires users (faculty, staff, students, or others) to provide in order to become eligible to access or borrow materials. Such information includes addresses, telephone numbers, and identification numbers. Other Information Required to Provide Library Services This includes any identifying information obtained to provide library services not previously listed. 2. Choice & Consent
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