136  Data Security Policies UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA Information Security at UVA | Data Protection http://security.virginia.edu/data-protection INFORMATION SECURITY AT UVA INFORMATION POLICY LIBRARY HOME / INFORMATION POLICY LIBRARY / DATA PROTECTION Data Protection ABOUT Users must comply with all University policies and standards for the data to which they have been granted the ability to view, copy, generate, transmit, store, download, or otherwise acquire, access, remove, or destroy. Users must also meet any additional compliance requirements for data protection stipulated by various governmental, legal, or contractual entities. POLICY Data Protection of University Information (IRM-003) STANDARDS Electronic Data Removal Electronically Stored Information Release Highly Sensitive Data Protection Standard for Individual-Use Electronic Devices or Media University Data Protection Standards (UDPS 3.0) University Use of Highly Sensitive Data PROCEDURES Electronic Data Removal Procedures
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