19 SPEC Kit 360: Learning Analytics Journal usage only includes identifiers when obtained via EZProxy System. Building usage only included identifiers when using card swipe system (only some areas). Studies with IRB approval will typically have data retention and destruction policies. Library data retention follows university policy. Library does not collect any data for learning analytics purposes. Looked at only when something emerges causing attention to be refocused upon it. Many data types are collected in the aggregate for reporting and may not be traceable to a specific user. Computer use data is collected by a non-library office. State requirement The Libraries’ retention policy is currently under review and subject to change. There is nothing explicit covering data collection and retention in terms of retention policy, but current thinking within the Assessment & User Experience Department is that we should follow the university record retention policy, in conjunction with developing our own internal data management plan. These data are often available with the existing technology but are not collected in very useful formats and/or are not pursued based on cultural norms and long time library practice. We have new library data community of practice that will discuss issues. We separate personally identifiable data from specific item used. The two “streams” never come back together. Working on a records retention policy is on our list for the summer, and we have only been collecting data for 3 years I plan to advocate for keeping 3 years of data, so next year I expect that we will purge raw data from year one data without identifiers that has been aggregated I plan to keep/display. LIBRARY DATA SHARING 13. Does your library share any user data with other parts of the institution? Check all that apply. N=52 Yes, to specific office(s)/department(s) 18 35% Yes, to the central data warehouse 6 12% Yes, to another data repository 2 4% Yes, to the learning analytics warehouse 1 2% Not yet, but we plan to in the next 6 months 3 6% Not yet, but we plan to in the next 12 months 8 15% No 26 50% If your library contributes data to specific office(s)/department(s), please identify which one(s). N=19 Aggregate numbers are sent to the Office of Institutional Research for IPEDS reporting. Assessment and Research CANVAS user data is contributed to the academic units, upon request. Institutional Research for IPEDS reporting Learning Commons partners, provost’s office
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