50  Library Privacy Statements and Policies EMORY UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES Policy on the Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Personal Information http://web.library.emory.edu/privacy-policy/personal-information.html significant bodily harm, significant property loss or damage, loss of significant evidence of one or more violations of law or of University policies, or significant liability to the Library, University, or members of the University community or (iv) when there is substantiated reason to believe that violations of law or of University or Library policies have taken place or (v) to comply with a subpoena or court order only with the consent and advice of the University’s Legal Counsel. When under the circumstances described above personally identifiable information must be inspected, monitored, or disclosed, the following shall apply: Authorization: Except in emergency circumstances, such actions must be authorized in advance and in writing by the University Librarian, or by the Director of Library Technology and Digital Strategies. The Library Cabinet will be notified of each authorization made. Authorization shall be limited to the least perusal of content and the least action necessary to resolve the situation. Emergency Circumstances: In emergency circumstances -- circumstances in which delay might precipitate harm, loss, or liability as described in (iii) above -- the appropriate Library Cabinet member may approve the least perusal of content and the least action necessary to resolve the emergency, immediately and without prior written authorization, but appropriate authorization must then be sought without delay. All members of the Librarians' Council will be notified of the authorization. Compliance with Law: Actions taken shall be in full compliance with the law and other applicable University and Library policies. Compliance with a Subpoena or Court Order: Actions shall only be taken with the consent and advice of the University’s Legal Counsel. Privacy Limits Library Records: Records pertaining to the business of the Library, whether or not created or recorded on Library equipment, are University records subject to disclosure under Georgia Code § 24-9-46 or to comply with a subpoena or court order. Possession of University Records: Library employees are expected to comply with requests, properly vetted through University policies and procedures, for copies of records in their possession that pertain to the business of the University, or whose disclosure is required to comply with applicable laws, regardless of whether such records reside on University electronic communications resources. Unavoidable Inspection: During the performance of their duties, personnel who operate and support electronic communications resources periodically need to monitor transmissions or observe certain transactional information to ensure the proper functioning and security of Library systems and services. On these and other occasions, systems personnel might observe personally identifiable information. Except as provided elsewhere in this Policy or by law, they
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