49 SPEC Kit 360: Learning Analytics EMORY UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES Policy on the Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Personal Information http://web.library.emory.edu/privacy-policy/personal-information.html your Internet location (IP address) which pages on our site you visit the URL of the Web page from which you came to our site which software you use to visit our site and its configuration This type of data is not personally identifiable. Links to External Websites The various University Libraries' websites link to Internet sites and services outside the administrative domain of the libraries. Emory University Libraries does not govern the privacy practices of these external sites. Users should read the privacy statements at these sites to determine their practices. When one or more of the Libraries contracts with vendors for access to online content, such as journals and databases, every attempt is made to include user information protections in the license agreement. Cookies A "cookie" is a piece of plain text stored on your computer by a web server and used primarily to customize your interaction with the web. Some cookies last only for the duration of the session, while others are persistent and reside on a computer's hard drive until the user deletes them or the computer is refreshed. As a matter of policy, cookies are erased from Emory University Libraries' public computers periodically throughout the year and at the beginning of each term. Web Analytics Emory University Libraries use web analysis tools, including Google Analytics, to capture and analyze web statistics. Google Analytics is a cookie-based analytics program that uses cookies to track website activity. The Libraries also maintain local logs of web activity for statistical assessment using Webalyzer and other log analysis tools. These tools, including Google Analytics, typically collects, the following information: Network Location Hostname web page(s) requested referring web page browser used screen resolution size of data transferred date and time. No personal information is stored within cookies. Cookies can be disabled within a browser's preference or option menu. For more information about Google Analytics, see Google Privacy Center - Privacy Policy. Accessing Personally Identifiable Information for Other Than Library Business Purposes The Library shall only permit the inspection, monitoring, or disclosure of personally identifiable information for other than Library business purposes: (i) when required by and consistent with law, University policy, or campus policy (ii) when formally requested by an authorized office of the University as part of an official security investigation (iii) when failure to act might result in
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