94  Institution Privacy Policies UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA IRM-012: Privacy and Confidentiality of University Information http://uvapolicy.virginia.edu/policy/IRM-012 IRM-012: Privacy and Confidentiality of University Information Date: 10/23/2017 Status: Final Last Revised: 10/23/2017 Policy Type: University Contact Office: University Information Security (InfoSec) Oversight Executive: Chief Information Officer Applies To: Academic Division, the Medical Center, the College at Wise, and University-Related Foundations. Table of Contents: Policy Statement Monitoring and Access Monitoring and/or Access without further Authorization or Notification 1. Monitoring and/or Access Requiring Official University Review and Approval 2. Accessing Electronically Stored Information of a Deceased Person 3. I. Compliance with Policy II. Procedures Reason for Policy: The University may access records or monitor record systems or communications that are under the control of its employees. Furthermore, because the University permits some latitude for employees to use University resources to conduct University business off-grounds and to conduct incidental personal matters at their work sites, work-related records and employees’ personal records may be located in the same place. The University is committed to the privacy of individuals and safeguarding information about individuals subject to limitations imposed by local, state, and federal law and other provisions described herein. No user has any expectation of privacy in any message, file, image or data created, sent, retrieved or received by use of the Commonwealth's equipment and/or access. The University has the right to monitor any and all aspects of their computer systems and to do so at any time, without notice, and without the user's permission. The University holds as core values the principles of academic freedom and free expression. This policy takes into consideration these principles. Definition of Terms in Statement: Access (to data): The capacity for data users to enter, modify, delete, view, copy, or download data.
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