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Small Special Collections Library Collection Development Policy
UVa Special Collections Library: Collection Development Policy
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interest, business records, architectural drawings and papers, church records, political histories and
records, and family papers.
Current collecting focus: Political papers, architectural drawings and papers, central Virginia
families, church records, literary papers, maps, general and local histories, African American non-
literary authors, Civil War in Virginia, fiction by non-Virginia authors set in Virginia, natural
British Literature
The British literature collections include both printed and manuscript works by authors and
illustrators of all periods. Among the most significant are collections of gothic novels, British
periodicals, and Vanity Fair illustrations. Eighteenth-century holdings are well represented by
Alexander Pope and Henry Fielding, and the nineteenth century has significant collections of Alfred
Tennyson, Charles Dickens and Rudyard Kipling. Major women authors include Jane Austen and
the Brontes. The twentieth century is most significantly represented by a collection of the works of
Edith, Osbert, and Sacheverell Sitwell.
Current collecting focus: Pope, Fielding, Victorian literature (especially women authors)
Sporting Collection
The sporting collection contains books, manuscripts, periodicals, broadsides, and ephemera relating
to the history and practice of equestrian and related estate sports, including racing, coaching, fox
hunting, and horse breeding. Also included are a variety of materials in allied fields of
horseshoeing, veterinary medicine, hunting dogs, falconry, game fowls, cockfighting, animal art,
equestrian fiction, and life on the old coach roads of England. Modern and antiquarian items are
included and are of interest to historian and sportsman alike.
Current collecting focus: Carriage-making, fox hunting, regional antiquarian stud broadsides,
medicine, English illustrated sporting books, equestrian fiction, horse racing.
World War I
The World War I collection is a broad one containing printed works, manuscripts, literature,
memoirs, military manuals, movies, posters, broadsides, sheet music, art and cartoons, camp
newspapers, pamphlets, propaganda, photographs, and ephemera relating to the war years as
fought abroad or endured at home.
Current collecting focus: Sheet music, fiction, posters
Bibliography, the book arts, history of the book, and typography
These collections contain materials in any format that support the study of bibliography and the
history of the book and printing. Included are works on typography, binding, papermaking,
preservation, book illustration, bibliography, biography, history of the book, fine printing, fine
bindings, exemplars of the book arts, printing history, and various bookmaking techniques, book
artist's papers and artifacts, and medieval manuscripts.
Current collecting focus: artist's books, pop-up books, Victorian publishers bindings, typography
French Books, 16th -19th century
An important group of French books on philosophy, history, and literature, from the sixteenth
through the nineteenth century, this collection contains many elaborate bindings by the finest
French craftsmen of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as well as many seventeenth century
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