106  ·  Representative Documents:  Arrangement Guidelines
Ohio State University
PastPerfect IV: Instructions & Guidelines
Enter the ARTIST right-click in the field
and double-click name from the authority
If more than one person participated in
creating the object, enter ARTIST2 from
the authority list, then Artist3 if applicable
o To enter a fourth creator, click the Custom
button and enter Artist4 as above
[PRESS TAB to Signed Name]
Enter the SIGNED NAME used by the
artist it may be last name only,
pseudonym, or abbreviation
Select the MEDIUM used for the object
right-click in the field and choose from the
authority list. Multiple entries, in order of
prominence, can be selected
o Medium support should be the last entry
[*You will now be working with the screens
accessible by the buttons in the last section of the
record in the lower right quadrant]
Artist is the creator and or names
associated with the creation of the work
not edit Artist names on the authority
Artist names or life dates need to be
added, notify authorized staff
adding multiple creators, click in the
field to the right of Artist field, and select
their role in creating the object from the
authority list (artist, illustrator, writer, etc.)
refers to the substance or
materials the artist used to create the artwork.
support refers to the substance on
which the medium is applied (paper, board,
canvas, fabric, wood, glass, etc)
medium is identified by technique
(chromolithograph, etching, engraving,
silkscreen, etc.)
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