34  ·  Survey Results:  Survey Questions and Responses
Graphic novels, artist books, T-shirts and jackets containing recorded music
Historic sound recordings, musical instruments
Locks of hair
Medals, plaques, political ephemera, posters, banners, postcards (with no correspondence), condoms, clay tablets,
bullets, coins, models
Memorabilia, e.g., artist’s supplies, family jewelry, childhood toys, souvenirs collected on travels, religious items like
Music Instruments, objects pertaining to music performances (props, machines, etc.)
Playing cards, medals (numismatics and awards), death masks, architectural fragments, cylinder seals
School letter jackets, sport uniforms, band uniforms
Stage props
The artifact collections are almost unlimited in the types of artifacts and art included among the thousands of public
and state gifts given to a President, plus a wide range of personal and political memorabilia that are privately donated
to the collections.
We have large holdings of posters in a number of areas, e.g., AIDS/HIV campaigns in Africa, African political
movements, 60s/70s era American counterculture.
Wood engravings (the actual blocks)
19. To help us understand the scale of your collection, please indicate the approximate size of your
artifact holdings. N=63
Fewer than 500 8 13%
500–1000 6 10%
1,000–5,000 16 25%
5,000–25,0000 11 18%
More than 25,000 22 35%
20. Please enter any additional comments about the scale of your artifacts collection. N=17
Across the Libraries as a whole, there are currently around 600,000 objects, with individual library collections ranging
from 10,000 to 150,000 objects.
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