SPEC Kit 333: Art & Artifact Management  · 105
Ohio State University
PastPerfect IV: Instructions & Guidelines
[PRESS TAB to Description]
Enter notes regarding the object in
o If there are multiple objects for one item
record, please provide a short description
next to the Object ID for each item, if
Enter DIMENSIONS of the object in
o Be sure that the CM. radio button is
selected; if not, save the record, select Edit
button, select cm. button and continue
[PRESS TAB to Count]
Enter COUNT if more than 1 item is
represented by the record
[PRESS TAB to Dimension Details]
Enter DIMENSION DETAILS, if any, for
the object or other objects represented by the
[*Before advancing to the Title field, be sure that
the ART button and ART radio button are both
[PRESS TAB to Title]
Type in the artist’s TITLE or caption of the
object exactly as it is written
o If no title is provided, enter the text from the
first word balloon in the upper left; then
other wording from the art; and finally, a
supplied title entered in [brackets]
contains pertinent information
about the object that is not contained in any
other fields.
include: the date of publication if
other than the date created; name of an
article, poem, story the art illustrated; art
undated; art hand-colored; drawing on verso;
inscriptions by the artist;
Details are any special notes in
reference to the size including: irregular
dimensions, matt or frame size if not
included in Dimension.
for multiple items may be listed here;
enter numerous items of different sizes as
“sizes vary”
marks are entered in the Title
only if used by the artist
supplied titles are entered in brackets
you are unsure how to title an object,
please ask authorized staff
Dimensions refer to size, entered as
centimeters. If in inches, convert. If the
work is framed, enter the frame size and
image size. Measure accurately-
multiple items are different sizes, enter
“sizes vary”
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