20  ·  Survey Results:  Survey Questions and Responses
Reporting Library
1. Please enter the name of the library, unit, or collection on which you are reporting. N=61
2. In the first column below please indicate which categories of material are held in this library/unit/
collection. Check all that apply.
In the second column please indicate which category describes the largest number of items in this
library/unit/collection (Primary Collection). Pick only one category in this column. N=68
Holdings Primary Collection
Books/published material 63 26
Manuscripts 63 13
Artifacts 62 2
Archives 61 28
Art 59 4
Other type of collection 30 4
Please specify the other type of collection. N=26
A/V materials, some sculpture, photographs, etc.
Artists’ books.
Artists’ books collection.
Audio-visual collection materials.
Audio-visual materials.
Audio-visual materials: audio tapes, cassettes, films, videos, CDs and DVDs.
Audiovisual materials.
Digital materials.
Each Presidential Library and Museum (currently 13) holds original textual records, electronic (born-digital) records,
audiovisual materials, and artifact materials related to the President’s administration, career and life for President Hoover
forward. Additionally, within the Center for Legislative Archives, there are electronic records, film, and still pictures of
Electronic/digitized resources.
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