SPEC Kit 333: Art & Artifact Management  · 107
Ohio State University
PastPerfect IV: Instructions & Guidelines
Add Metadata to Location
Click on LOCATION to add location
information for the object
/BUILDING right-click in field to select
from the list: Billy Ireland Cartoon Library
& Museum
[PRESS TAB to Container]
Enter the Object ID without the prefix of
CGA into CONTAINER (AC.M17.006a-t)
Type the date into the INVENTORY
Enter BY right-click and select your name
from the authority list
Select DATASET at the lower and choose
CGA from the drop-down list
Click CLOSE at the upper right of screen
[Notice that the Location button is highlighted after
information has been entered]
Add Metadata to Condition
Click the CONDITION button to add
general and/or detailed information about
the condition of the object.
Enter CONDITION by choosing from the
drop-down list
Type the DATE
you have entered the Home Location
from the main screen, the library name will
automatically appear. Proceed to next step
Container is the only field used to
describe the location of the object
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