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Collection Development Policy Statement: Fine Arts Library Art Collection
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A variety of formats will be collected, in order to provide representative examples of all types of artists' books. Students and faculty would benefit from a wide variety, and the
collection will be more typical of other artists' books collections if a number of formats are acquired. At this time, virtual artists' books will not be included in the collection, but
requests for this type of book will be taken into consideration. Because of availability, an emphasis will be placed on regional and national artists rather than international. Foreign
language books will not be actively collected but may be included. There is no restriction on dates of publication for artists' books, although retrospective collecting may be
constrained by budget limitations.
C. Acquisition
Both the Art Librarian and the Special Collections Librarian will select items in the collection. Artists' books will be purchased 1) directly from the artist, 2) from artists' books dealers
or distributors, such as Printed Matter, Art Metropole, Women's Studio Workshop, or Califia Books, and/or 3) through galleries or dealers at exhibitions. Donations of books will be
accepted and sought out, if feasible.
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