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Ballooning collection
1 - Pen and watercolour on parchment. Hand drawn. 15th March, 1784. Milan. Indicates Don Paolo
Andreani in his solo ascension.Italy. “Globo Areostatico del Sign. Don Paolo Andreani Milanese
Ascensione del 15 marzo 1784” (“globo di 66 piedi diametri”). Exterior frame dimensions 18.5 cm x
25.5 cm. Provenance, ex Christies London.
2 - Hand drawn sketch of pencil with watercolour highlights.“Volo su Roma della aeronauta Sig.
Antonio Comaschi il 3 ottobre del 1842”. Antonio Comaschi in his ascent over Rome on October 3,
1842. This illustrates the flight over Rome by Sr. Comaschi. By drawing a Ruins of Rome scene
complete with cartouche, the artist is trying to give it a ‘classical’ flavor. Italy. Provenance, ex Christies
London. Exterior frame dimensions 29.5 cm x 23 cm.
3 - Hand drawn sketch of crayon and pencil. Franco-Prussian War dated 1870. “Guerra Frnco-
Prussiana Pallone osservatore Pierre Goupil 1870”. Shows observation balloon and calvary. Images
dominated by Prussian Hussars, some on horseback. Provenance, ex Christies London. Exterior
frame dimensions 27 x 19 cm.
4 - PRINT - THE ARIEL published by Ackerman in London on March 26th, 1843.By Permission of the
Patentees, this Engraving of THE FIRST CARRIAGE, THE “ARIEL”.Early depiction of motorized
winged aircraft. ORIGINAL PRINT of the period. Frame dimensions 45” x 40 cm. ENGLAND.
5 - “Sunset”, lithograph. Image over the CHICAGO WORLD’S FAIR in 1894. By André Castaigne.
Printed by George Barrie. Done for ART AND ARCHITECTURE. Size is 29.5 x 43 cm.
6 - “L’artillerie de siege est destine à faire évacuer les forteresses et à opépere sur les derniètes de
l’ennemi”. A. Desperet. Lithograph de Delaporte. Franco-Prussian War. La Caricature, no. 83. [11
August 1831]. General on a hypothermic needle suspended in the air.
7 - ENGRAVED Print. Note balloon in window to left. A CONSULTATION PREVIOUS TO AN AERIAL
Engraved by J. H. ROBINSON, Painted by J. HOLLINS, A.R.A. Published by Graves on Nov. 7, 1843.
Size is 36.5 x 31.5 cm.
8 - Coloured ENGRAVING by Aubert & Co. and drawn by Ch. Jacque. LA MACHINE AERIENNE.
Flapping Winged Carriage. Humorous picture. Size is 30 x 23.5 cm. From La Mode, May 5th, 1843.
Number 10.
9 - ENGRAVING by KIRKWOOD & Sons, Edinburgh. Hand coloured. Circa 1850. AERONAUTICS,
PLATE III. Shows balloons by MONTGOLFIER, LANA, BLANCHARD & ROBERT.Size of print is 22 x
28 cm.Mounted on board.
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