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4. To help us understand the scale of your collection, please indicate the approximate size of your art
holdings. N=60
Fewer than 500 24 40%
500–1000 5 8%
1,000–5,000 8 13%
5,000–25,0000 13 22%
More than 25,000 9 15%
5. Please enter any additional comments about the scale of your art objects collection. N=19
Approximately 94,000 fine prints by over 2,000 modern American photographers along with the archives of 200+
photographers, dealers, organizations, and curators/scholars that contain photographic material: negatives, contact
sheets, work prints (as opposed to fine prints).
Arts objects are acquired as an incidental part of desired collections; they are not sought on their own merits.
As an exceptionally large collection of artist’s papers, saved by a man conscious of their historical and archival value,
the Jean Charlot Collection holds: (1) materials documenting Charlot’s life and work (e.g. his sketch books; a few oil
paintings; master collection of prints with many proofs and progressives; drawings; cartoons for paintings including
many fresco murals; original art for photo-mechanically produced publications including newspaper cartoons and book
illustrations; examples of sculpture and ceramics); (2) collections of prints made by the artist for his own study, research
and use in publication (e.g. Daumier, Posada, prints from Épinal, and European optical views); (3) art works in various
media including art photographs, by over 100 artists, given to Charlot by his friends and those about whom he wrote;
and (4) artworks and memorabilia inherited from his French and Mexican ancestors.
Even if artists’ books are not considered art objects for this survey (because they are not technically unique), we still
have about 5000 objects due to the extent of our print and photograph holdings.
It is a small component of our holdings and usually associated with a larger archival collection.
Majority of items in this category are in our photograph collections.
More than 400,000 works of art.
Often this material came in as part of a manuscript collection.
Our dean has an interest in growing our art collection, so I expect that it will grow larger. We have just begun
processing a very large collection of botanical illustrations and that is not included in the numbers above because it’s still
not part of our processed holdings.
The library is the steward of the university’s Art Properties collection which includes art works and heritage objects from
all cultures, time periods, materials, and formats. In addition, each special collection includes art objects within their
holdings; these are not represented in Art Properties inventories.
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