SPEC Kit 333: Art & Artifact Management  · 37
Archival management system N=23
Archivists’ Toolkit (11 responses)
Archon (4 responses)
FileMakerPro (designed for local needs)
In-house using MS-Access and oXygen.
Local customized version of Xmetal
Luna Insight
Various, under review
Other Tool N=22
A portion of the artifact collection resides in a digital image
Access database and Word inventory Access and Word
AskSam AskSam
Basic paper checklisting for all those not kept with their original
Word processing software for museum objects checklists
Card files and paper lists oXygen Editor (for EAD), OMEKA
CONTENTdm Microsoft Access, MySQL, CONTENTdm
CONTENTdm, METS database CONTENTdm, METS database
Digital library CONTENTdm
DSpace, A digital asset management system called Canto
Canto Cumulus
In-house Access database to inventory and track orphaned
Access database, Excel
Locally developed standards, this practice is under review.
LUNA insight records for digitized historic photographs LUNA insight records for digitized historic photographs
MARC records in stand-alone databases Minaret software
Media Manager, home grown by College of Arts and Sciences Media Manager
Microsoft Word documents. Microsoft Office
MS Access, SCREAD (in house description and EAD tool) MS Access, SCREAD, legacy finding aids
NARA’s public catalog ARC (Archival Research Catalog) ARC was designed and built internally for the National Archives.
oXygen XML Editor oXygen XML Editor
XmetaL, FACT XmetaL, FACT
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