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The Harold Rome Papers. Collection Contents. VI. Art Works
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MSS 49
Table of Contents
Title Page
Collection Contents
I. Music by Rome 1935-1981
II. Scripts and Lyrics 1934-1984
III. Production Materials, Contracts,
Royalty Statements, and Related
Correspondence 1937-1980
IV. Correspondence 1939-1988
V. Programs 1938-1986
VI. Art Works, Exhibit Catalogues,
and Inventories 1942-1977
VII. Clippings 1873-1986
VIII. Photographs 1928-1986
IX. Miscellaneous Items 1938-1988
X. Sound Recordings
Index of Shows
Song Index
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Collection Contents
VI. Art Works, Exhibit Catalogues, and Inventories 1942-1977
Box Folder Description
VI. Art Works, Exhibit Catalogues, and Inventories 1942-1977
.4' (1 box)
This series is divided into two subseries: A. Art Works by Harold Rome; and B. Exhibit Catalogues
and Inventories. The art works fall into two categories: watercolors and oil paintings. An inventory
of the oil paintings has been made, supplying a catalogue number, title, and date, if available. They
are listed alphabetically by title with the untitled works at the end. The approximate dimensions
(measured from the outside of the frame) are noted as well as whether they are signed. The exhibit
catalogues and inventories are for Rome's art works as well as for his collection of African art, and
are filed chronologically.
VI.A. Art Works by Harold Rome
ca. 36 items ; 15" x 19"
Not signed or dated
Oil paintings
506. Ancestor Assembly 1964 Aug.
41" x 51"
Title crossed off
260. Audience #2 1967 Apr.-May
32" x 52"
262. Audience #4 no date
34" x 50"
A-503. Audience - 15 1976
33" x 50"
217. Audience Composition 1962 Jun.-Dec.
50" x 60"
234. Bar Mitzvah Boy 1960 Dec.
36" x 50"
605. Concert in Blue (#6) 1966 Jan.-Feb.
35" x 50"
312. Critics 1962 Nov.
41" x 33"
329. Dance 1962 Jan.
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