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10 - PRINT “A FLIGHT ACROSS THE HERRING POOL” plate no. XVI - Hand colored etching.
Disparaging against the Monarchy. Ca 1810.
11 - COPPER ETCHING [circa 1909]. “DER EROBERUNG DER LUFT”. Early Bi Plane. Reverse
reads in German OR French (as imaged) Fr. SIMON (?). Plate is 19 x 16.5 cm and printed on a 28 x
36 cm paper
12 - Poem, broadside. Up in a Balloon.P. Brereton, 1 Lr. Exchange St., Dublin. Circa 1850. Others by
this printer in National Museum of Scotland and Bodleian (Oxford).“One night I went up in a Ba[l]loon |
On a voyage of discovery to visit the moon | …. Up went the balloon quickly higher & higher | Over
house top & chimney pot tower & spire….” 11 x 28 cm.
13 - Up in a Balloon. London & New York: Valentine & Sons of Dundee, [circa 1895].
14 - The Magazine Antiques from November 1941. 25.5 x 32 cm. Cover and article on BALLOONING
COLLECTIBLES. Prints, Picture Puzzles, art etc.
15 -Balloons. London: The Ariel Press, 1956. Elephant folio. Contains 12 full page coloured plates of
the earliest and most interesting Balloons. Notes by C. H. Gibbs-Smith. Card Wraps. Text and plates
remain bright. The book covers early balloon flights, from the Montgolfier brothers designed balloon in
1783, the first channel crossing by air in 1785, through to Margat’s ascent in 1817, astride a white
stag. Individual prints per page. Printed in London with prints done in Germany.
16 - Catalogue Ballooning Collection of M. Léon Barthou.Collection dite “Au ballon” appartenant à M.
Léon Barthou. Paris at the Hotel Drouot on the 8th, 9th & 10th of May, 1935. Lists Prints, Lithographs,
Autographs, Documents, Paintings, Statues and Figures, Porcelains, Memorabilia, Objects of Art,
Furniture etc. Lists of important historical significance. Even some Lindberg. Size is 18.5 x 26 cm. 86
17 - Brass box with hinge lock, circular handles and lions paw feet. Identified owner: C. BILLINGHAM.
Engraved with man on top of a winged balloon over the countryside. Lions Paw feet. Reference is to
Francois Letour who was killed on a parachute glider in 1854. Of the period. Size is 16.5 x 7 x 8.5 cm.
Uniform wear.
18 - Brass box with engraved words “MODERN PROPHECY”. Images winged Air Ship. Hinged. Size
is 7.7 x 9.5 x 2.3 cm. Circa 1850. Nicely made.
19 - Wood box. Hand painted burled walnut. Top painted. View of the ascent of the sheep, the cock
and the duck in the Montgolfier balloon from Versailles on 19th September 1783. Exterior of top is 8.3
cm. Ex Christies Historic Aeronautical sale of October 1st, 1987.
20 - Compensated barometer.4.5 cm. Probably English circa 1860. Original case is 9 cm tall. Case
has top missing. Barometer is in excellent condition.
21 - Stereo card. Ballooning ascent. Hand coloured circa 1860. Unmarked. 17.3 cm x 8.6 cm.
22-Stereo card. Tissue with hand colour when held with light to background. FRANCE. Illustrates the
preparation for a Balloon ascent.Circa 1860. 23 and 24.
23 -Stereo cards. 2 cards of the Boer War.Lord Roberts’ Infantry crossing the Zand River 1900 and
Lord Roberts’ and the Balloon Corps (1901).Both Underwood and Underwood.
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