104  ·  Representative Documents:  Arrangement Guidelines
Ohio State University
PastPerfect IV: Instructions & Guidelines
Add Metadata to the Objects Catalog Item
Select COLLECTION from the authority
list right click in the field, double –click
collection name to add
Notice the Object ID shows up
Enter OTHER #
[PRESS TAB to Home Location]
Notice that the Accession # shows up
Enter HOME LOCATION by right-
clicking and selecting from the authority list:
“Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum”
[PRESS TAB to Date]
o If no month, YYYY-??-DD
o If no day, YYYY-MM-??
o If year only, YYYY
Enter the YEAR RANGE for the object
o If date is known, enter the year in both fields
o If date is YYY?, enter YYY0 thru YYY9
Enter CATALOG DATE which is the date
the record is entered MM/DD/YYYY
Enter CATALOGED BY right-click and
select your name from the authority list
name is derived from the donor
or artist and will be assigned by authorized
# is the Collection Code, a
permanent letter code assigned by authorized
staff to an incoming or existing collection.
is used for purchases by the library
is the composition date or publication
date of the object
probable dates, enter circa YYYY,
YYY? or a range of dates
unknown dates, try to supply at least
the decade note that the art is undated in
the Description field
Range is entered even if the year is
known, so that it is searchable to the user
entering a date limit search in the online
If date is unknown, enter the smallest
range that can be determined
that the date format for Catalog Date
changes from the Date field
may also be entered in the Location
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