38  ·  Survey Results:  Survey Questions and Responses
24. For each tool used to arrange and describe your artifacts, please indicate whether you create
collection-level or item-level records. Check all that apply. N=63
Collection-level Item-level N
Finding aid including EAD
43 29 49
MARC records in an Integrated Library System 38 11 38
Spreadsheets such as Excel
13 31 32
Database developed and maintained by your library 11 23 25
Archival management system such as Archivists’ Toolkit
20 13 22
Museum collections management system such as PastPerfect 6 8 9
Other tool
11 15 17
Number of Responses 54 56 60
25. Please enter any additional comments about your collections management tools for artifacts. N=17
PDF files of materials used for instruction.
Description level depends on the accession.
Exploring Archivists’ Toolkit.
I have only listed tools used for what we would define here as an artifact, which would not include photographs,
architectural drawings, and other archival elements.
Level of description depends on relation to archival collections.
Non-EAD finding aids at collection or item level.
Our artifacts are described by provenance, and as such are part of a finding aid of the collection. We also try to acquire
paper records that provide a context for the artifacts so that’s how it all comes together in a finding aid.
Photographs may be described at the collection level or at the item level; other artifacts are described at the item level.
Practices are currently being centralized with an expectation that more standardized, interoperable metadata will be
adopted depending on the type of material.
Some finding aids are simple Word documents.
The primary item-level descriptions are maintained in the museum collections management database, and some
additional excel formats used for specific projects and materials pending a signed deed of gift. NARA’s public catalog
ARC, includes series (collection) level descriptions for the Presidential Library museum collections, and a handful of item-
level descriptions.
There is an item level checklist for most museum object, but only on paper.
We are in the process of phasing out the database.
We are just beginning to use the Archivists’ Toolkit for centralizing archival description. Will likely use for item level
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