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24 - See above.
25 - Chromolithograph trade card for Liebig Extract. 10.4 x 6.5 cm. Circa 1900
26 - Post card. At WORTHING Captivated with the Scenery” is similar to a WW 1 (the Great War)
Observation Balloon. Circa 1918.Not postally used.
27 - Coin token For Isaac Earlysman, dated 1825. Reverse reads Ironmonger Bishopsgate.
England.This for the flight of the balloon Sparrow. Example in the Smithsonian Institution isinventory
number: A19720152000. Size is 2.3 cm. With original patina.
28 - James Gillray, engraving featuring a cardinal in a balloon above a crowd with prelates and
churches in background (MILES from OXFORD to ROME on a signpost), c. 1810 but plate from the
Bohn edition, 1851.
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