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Syracuse University
Plastics Collection Development Policy
We also collect plastic artifacts where the artifact documents a key moment in the history of plastic; represents an important
scientific, technical, or cultural innovation; or is deemed an iconic object due to its development, design, or purpose. We also
accept plastic artifacts that complement and illustrate our existing collections. All donated artifacts must have basic descriptive
information. This should include the date, type of plastic, and manufacturer, as well as some narrative explaining the item’s
Geographic range
Our collection focuses primarily on the United States.
Chronological range
The objects and documentation date from the mid-1800s to the present. The earliest material relates to John Wesley Hyatt,
who pioneered the use of celluloid in 1869. Our collection is most heavily concentrated in the period from 1945 to 1970;
archival materials dating before and after that period are especially desired.
Sam Gruber, Curator of the Plastics Collection: plastics@syr.edu (e-mail), 315-443-2697 (telephone), 315-443-2671 (facsimile)
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