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Small Special Collections Library Collection Development Policy
UVa Special Collections Library: Collection Development Policy
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Architectural papers
Sheet Music
British literature
18th and 19th century
Sporting books and manuscripts
Horse racing
Fox hunting
Regional antiquarian stud broadsides
Veterinary medicine
English illustrated sporting books
Equestrian fiction
World War I
Sheet music
Bibliography, the book arts, history of the book and typography
Fine press and artist's books
Pop-up books
Victorian publishers bindings
American Literature
The American literature collections include over 80,000 printed works and approximately 275,000
manuscripts, representing fiction, poetry, drama, and essays. The collections include virtually all
printed works and large manuscript holdings of major and minor American authors from 1775
through 1950, as well as selected authors up to the present. Included are modern authors, writers
of the Harlem Renaissance, the Beats, popular fiction, and over one hundred contemporary
American and Virginia authors.
Current collecting focus: Selected antiquarian and contemporary American and Virginia authors.
American History
The major emphasis of the American history collections is on primary materials relating to the
history of the southeastern United States, including the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia,
Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia,
and West Virginia. Works on or relating to all aspects of the history of Virginia and books owned
by Thomas Jefferson comprise the areas of greatest interest. Subjects include all areas of the
historical record, and cover the period prior to European contact with America in the 15th century,
continuing through the Reconstruction following the Civil War, in the latter part of the 19th
Current collecting focus: Primary materials relating to the Southeastern United States.
Collecting interests for Virginiana overlap somewhat with those for American history and American
literature, and are supported by designated funds. Virginiana collections include both antiquarian
and contemporary printed and manuscript materials such as literature, maps and atlases,
publishers' imprints, cookbooks, and general and local histories. Also collected are books from the
1828 Catalogue of the University of Virginia Library, historic newspapers relating to Jefferson and
other regional historical figures or subjects, postcards, authors' papers, photographs of local
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