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PastPerfect IV: Instructions & Guidelines
PastPerfect IV:
Instructions & Guidelines
Add New Object
Open PastPerfect click on desktop icon
Log into PastPerfect:
Double-click your name from the list
Enter password: cgaperfect
On the main menu, click the OBJECTS
button to bring up the Objects Catalog item
record screen
Click the ADD button (top of the record,
third from left) to bring up the Add New
Object screen
To clear the fields on the Add New Object
screen, select Fill with Blank Data button
Enter ACCESSION # - click Search File
for accession number and double-click
SOURCE will fill in automatically with the
donor’s name
CGA.Artcase.drawer#.Item# [CGA.AC.A17.007]
CGA.Coll Code.Box#.Item# [CGA.JS.1.155a-155t]
Enter OBJECT NAME click Search
Authority File button and double-click the
format from the authority list
Select ADD this will bring up the Objects
Catalog Item Record screen
Number for each donation is
created by authorized library staff.
Object ID is a unique identifier,
sometimes referred to as the Finding
Number, assigned to each object which
identifies its location
Object ID is written lightly in pencil at the
lower right corner on the verso of the object
Item# must have 3 digits (001, 024, 999)
Last record # entered will appear beneath
this box
Name is the format or physical type
of the work. Please ask if you are unsure.
is “original art”
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