30 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Discovery Tool (summon), in development
EAD published through the Online Archive of California
Email spreadsheets in response to patron inquiries objects in public view.
For some collections, typescript list is available, or listed in online finding aid for a small number of art objects.
Online galleries of reference photographs of items in the collection
Paper finding aid that captures information from in-house spreadsheets.
Post class list of materials used for instruction on department web page.
Searchable finding aids database
Through a number of OP publications e.g., a comprehensive catalogue raisonné of prints, available through libraries
and book dealers. Through temporary exhibition of art works within the library exhibition through loans to other
institutions, both national and international inclusion of images of items from the collection in their published
catalogues and other art books.
VuFind search and discovery layer
Web accessible finding aid database (including ArchivesGrid access)
Web accessible front end to Media Manager
Numbering System for Art Objects
13. Does each art object have a unique number? N=60
Always 15 25%
Sometimes 38 63%
Never 7 12%
14. What numbering system do you use for art objects? Check all that apply. N=56
Archival identifier (i.e., series, box, folder, etc.) 34 61%
Accession number (i.e., 2009.1.4) 33 59%
Local numbering system 30 54%
Library of Congress Classification 6 11%
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