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Library of Congress
Collections Policy Statement. Fine and Applied Arts—Non Book Materials (Graphic Arts)
graphic arts collections of the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress does not limit to
copyright deposit the means by which it acquires graphic arts in order to fulfill its mission.
Increasingly, graphic arts are produced digitally both by file and web site. Artists are beginning
to make their works available online. The Library makes every attempt to collect visual
materials in the most widely accepted format, e.g. tif, jpeg, and pdf, in order to decrease
issues in accessibility for future generations. The Prints and Photographs Division has already
been participating in web archiving activities in anticipation of the day when more of our
acquisitions work is done online. Nevertheless, the Library excludes those materials that are
reproductions in digital format of those works published originally as drawings or prints.
V. Collecting Levels
The Library of Congress acquires graphic arts selectively within each category as described in
the Specific Collecting Policy Guidelines above. Acquisition is determined by the visual content
of the work offered to the Library for gift or purchase, desire not to duplicate the collecting
efforts of other local institutions, attempt to fill in gaps in existing holdings, efforts not to
replicate existing Library of Congress collections, and the financial cost to the Library in
accepting works of art, whether it be financial, spatial, or other. Level 3
Revised November 2008
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