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Artwork in the Richard E. Byrd Papers
Byrd Polar Media: Artwork in the Richard E. Byrd Papers
https://byrdpolarmedia.osu.edu/index.cfm?fuseaction=collections.seeCollection&CollectionID=12684CE9-90D6-4CE6-916B-0EC9B99430DC[12/10/12 3:01:46 PM]
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Created: 02/17/10
Modified: 04/26/12
Viewed by 553 person(s)
88 items in collection
Collection size: 397 MB
Sub-collection of Artifacts in
the Richard E. Byrd Papers
Short Link: https://byrdpolarmedia.osu.edu/Artwork_in_the_Richard_E_Byrd_Papers
Collection Expiration Date: 05/17/2020
Title: Artwork in the Richard E. Byrd Papers
Date: February 17, 2010
Donor: Kissel, Laura
Description: This collection consists of the artwork found in the Richard E. Byrd
Papers. Some of the art is three dimensional, but most are paintings, illustrations, and
prints relating to Admiral Richard E. Byrd and polar expeditions.
Contents: The materials on this Website have been made available for use in research,
teaching and private study. For these purposes, you may reproduce (print, make
photocopies, or download) materials from this site without further permission on the
condition that you provide the following attribution of the source on all copies:
https://byrdpolarmedia.osu.edu/Artwork_in_the_Richard_E_Byrd_Papers. For any
other use, please contact the polar curator at 614-688-8173 or kissel.4@osu.edu.
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Artwork in the Richard E. Byrd Papers
Byrd Lecture Tour
Flights: Unforgettable
Exploits of the Air by
Frank Lemon
Charles Lindbergh goes
to Paris!
Louis Blériot Passes the
White Cliffs of Dover in
May, 1909
Albert C. Read Nears
Azores in a Navy Plane
The conqueror of one
pole attempts the other
Man in Snow Tunnel by
David Paige
Man with Sled and Dog
by David Paige
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