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The Steven Enich Serbian Orthodox Culture Slide Collection
The Steven Enich Serbian Orthodox Culture Slide Collection
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The Steven Enich Serbian Orthodox Culture Slide Collection
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Mr. Steven Enich (04/21/1923 10/10/2004) was a prominent
Serbian-American lawyer, practicing primarily in Wisconsin. An
amateur photographer as well as philanthropist, especially to
the Serbian Orthodox cultural heritage, from approximately
1979 to 1994, he was given often unprecedented access to
Serbian Orthodox cultural monuments in the former
Yugoslavia. In the course of several trips there, he amassed a
collection of almost 5,000 slides, the majority of which he took himself. Often, he would share these slides with
interested groups, particularly among the Serbian Orthodox communities in the United States.
In 2006, his widow, Mrs. Irene Enich (nee Miller), hoping to ensure "continuing access to and the preservation
of" this valuable collection, donated the entire collection and related valuable personal notes of Steven Enich to
the Hilandar Research Library, where these visual materials can embellish the largely Eastern (and Serbian)
Cyrillic Orthodox manuscripts on microfilm, which this special collection preserves and to which it creates
access as the largest such collection in the world.
Notes: 1. There are occasional differences between the original Enich notes and the images. In all such cases,
we have attempted to identify, occasionally enhance, and describe the actual content of the slide. Also, the
notes refer to a time before the break-up of the former Yugoslavia, and thus geographic and other terms may
not always reflect current usage. 2. The place names used to describe the items in this collection came from the
photographer's notes, but we have also included a controlled name for each place from the Getty Thesaurus of
Geographic Names.
The Hilandar Research Library gratefully acknowledges the generosity of Mrs. Irene Enich, as well as the work
of a number of individuals at The Ohio State University Libraries, and especially: Amy L. McCrory, Digital
Imaging Technician, OSU Libraries Preservation Department, and Jennifer Breitigan, student assistant to A.
McCrory Melanie B. Schlosser, Metadata Librarian, Scholarly Resources Integration Department Morag E.
Boyd, Metadata Librarian, Special Collections Cataloging Department. In addition, it should be noted that the
difficult and time-consuming task of identifying the slides and their contents was divided between Dr. Lyubomira
Parpulova Gribble, Assistant Curator of the Hilandar Research Library, and Andrew J. Kier, Graduate Research
Associate of the Resource Center for Medieval Slavic Studies.
Logo image: Decani Monastery.
In honoring Mrs. Enich's wishes, the Hilandar Research Library, through the OSU Libraries and Knowledge Bank, makes images of the vast majority of
these slides broadly available through the Knowledge Bank. In addition, the original notes of S. Enich are also available as scanned images. These
images may be downloaded for private or academic use for other use, please contact the Hilandar Research Library (hilandar@osu.edu).
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