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Including them in the finding aids for the
collections to which they belong at least
gets some mention of their existence
out to the public. We do not have the
resources to devote to art and artifacts
Incorporating Archivists' Toolkit. It
has streamlined our management of
collections and access.
Incorporating them into the description
of the archival or manuscript collection of
which they are a part.
Providing thumbnails of art objects
to facilitate easy identification and
Background research on provenance,
donor info, and condition assessment of
portraits done by an intern.
Individually numbering and classifying
Making finding aid available to public. Description of objects.
Integrate the collection management and
access with existing library systems—
more likely to receive support when not
the sole user a database or procedure.
Providing basic housing and description
when the material first arrives, and
making those records available to the
public to avoid perception of hidden
Publicize the collections in ways that
demonstrate their research value to
varied user communities.
Investment in professional museum staff. Investment in a suitable museum
collections management database with
adequate and manageable metadata that
includes new descriptive practices.
Highlighting and optimizing the ability
of artifact holdings to attract audiences
through exhibits and loans.
Item level description of untitled works of
art for ease of retrieval.
Digitizing two dimensional items
and putting box/folder listings in the
metadata, and affixing thumbnail images
of contents on the outside of flat file
Creating a visual shelf-level map of the
stacks in Excel. This helps us determine
locations as well as extent of collections.
Maintaining control of objects through
numerical system.
Storing framed items through handing
system throughout archival space.
Determining some general guidelines for
access and description.
Maintaining in-house checklists for
individual artifact holdings removed from
archival collections.
Maintaining collection level finding aids
for selective photograph collections.
Finding more appropriate homes for
museum objects that don't belong in the
Making use of the PastPerfect inventory
(migrated into MS Access) has been very
Materials are separated from the main
manuscript collection and placed in a
high security area.
Some of the art and artifacts are on
permanent loan to other institutions that
can display them.
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