SPEC Kit 333: Art & Artifact Management  · 21
Films, sound recordings.
Large collections of audio and video recordings.
Manuscripts, rare books, university archives, visual materials, architectural collections.
Maps, Digital, Photographs (non art).
Media materials.
Media, i.e., images, video, audio. Digitized Collections. Institutional Repository.
Oral histories and photograph collections.
Photographs, music recordings (records and other discs), video and motion picture film, DVDs, CDs.
Recordings, video recordings, electronic formats, microforms.
Sound and video recordings.
Time-based media (audio, video) in multiple formats. Ephemera.
Wood engravings (the actual carved blocks from which the art was printed).
Primary Collection
Audio-visual material (film, video, and audio); photographic formats; born digital records.
Combined collections of typescripts, letters, correspondence and designs.
Media including digital data, video, CD, DVD, cassette tapes.
Public health posters, portraits, slides (glass, 35mm, lantern).
Additional Comments
The primary collection is different for the four areas in this unit. For University Archives, archives are the primary
collection; for the Music Library, books/published material; for Poetry Collection, manuscripts; for Rare Books, books/
published material. University Archives also contains manuscript material; Poetry also contains archives and books/
published material; Music Library also contains manuscripts and archives. Art and artifacts are contained in all areas
except Rare Books, but they are not the primary collections.
True mix among books and archives/manuscripts.
If this library/unit/collection holds art objects, click Yes below to continue to the section on art
object collections. If it does not, click No to jump to the section on artifact collections. N=68
If your objects could be considered both art and artifact (i.e., photographs), please include them in
the section that is most relevant to your specific collection and your reasons for collecting them.
Yes, holds art objects 60 88%
No, does not hold art objects 8 12%
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