SPEC Kit 333: Art & Artifact Management  · 25
Archival management system such as Archivists’ Toolkit 20 33%
Museum collections management system such as PastPerfect 11 18%
Other tool 20 33%
8. Please list the specific software for each tool used to arrange and describe your art objects. N=48
Integrated Library System N=34
Aleph (5 responses)
Innovative Interfaces Inc. (4 responses)
Millennium (4 responses)
NEOS Catalogue
OSUL and KnowledgeBank
SirsiDynix Symphony (5 responses)
Voyager (ExLibris) (14 responses)
Museum collections management system N=11
Moving into PastPerfect
PastPerfect (8 responses)
TMS (Gallery Systems Inc.) (2 responses)
Archival management system N=20
Archivists’ Toolkit (10 responses)
Archon (3 responses)
FileMaker Pro (configured for our needs in-house)
Luna Insight
NARA’s public catalog ARC (Archival Research Catalog)
oXygen and RMOA EAD templates
Yale customized version of Xmetal
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