156 · ARL Statistics 2008–2009
22 Very few one-time electronic resources were purchased during 2008-2009 due to a flat acquisition budget.
23 This drop in expenditures reflects a reduction of resource duplication achieved through canceling bundled title packages.
33 Our initial circulation count for 2007-2008 was incorrect. The true count was 99,688. The original count contained ILL
34 Our total circulation count for 2007-2008 was incorrect. The true count was 153,016. The original count contained ILL
39 The count submitted in the 2007-2008 Survey did not exclude “faculty for preclinical and clinical medicine.” This count
excludes faculty in our School of Medicine.
All figures are as of 04/30/2009.
Library branches included: Johnston Library, Education Library, John and Dotsa Bitove Family Law Library, Music Library,
Allyn and Betty Taylor Library, and The D.B. Weldon Library.
1 Includes 503,898 e-books.
1.b Includes 22,913 e-books.
2 Includes e-book titles.
3 Total includes 22,913 e-books from the following vendors: Adam Matthew Digital, Alexander Press, American Council
of Learned Societies, American Geophysical Union, BMJ Publishing Group, Center for Research Libraries (CRL), Cognet,
CRKN, EBSCO, Electronic Book Library (EBL), Factiva, Gale, Hein Online, Intersociety Council for Pathology Information
Inc., JSTOR, Knowledge Ontario, McGraw Hill,Morgan & Claypool, NetLibrary, Organisation for Economic Co-operation
and Development (OECD), Ovid, Portland Press Ltd., RAND, Readex, Sage, Scholarsportal, Springer, Taylor & Francis,
Thomson Gale, United Nations Office of Legal Affairs, Treaty Section, United States Government Publications Office
(USGPO), World Advertising Research Center, and World Bank.
5 Changes were made during the past year in coding of the order records to provide greater clarity for staff working in the
data base. This resulted in changes to how the data can be retrieved and the numbers generated. Current numbers for serials
counts in questions 5a and 5b are believed to be more accurate than in previous years.
5.b.i Consortial titles included in Q5.a.i, as the University directly funds the purchase through the consortium.
9 Two departmental/faculty libraries are currently transitioning to Western Libraries, and it is anticipated that this count may
change in 2010.
11 With the current transitioning of a departmental map library on campus to Western Libraries, this count will change in
12 Count includes the London Free Press Negative Collection only.
13 Count includes Music Library only audio materials. Increased growth in audio and video supports newer programming by
filling in gaps.
14 Count includes Music Library only film and video.
16-26 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (16a) $2,259,357; (16b) $9,623,600; (16c) $0; (16d) $0; (16) $11,882,957; (17) $130,254;
(18a) $4,505,189; (18b) $4,140,056; (18c) $331,943; (18) $8,977,188; (20) $748,464; (21) $21,738,863; (22) $48,361; (23) $7,277,571; (24a)
$223,743; (24b) $0; (25) $653,111; (26) $15,293.
22, 24.a, 25-26 Centrally funded and administered at Western Libraries.
35 The number of requests decreased over the past year as a result of service enhancements to teaching hospitals, and
consortial agreements among university libraries in Ontario providing electronic copies of materials to more scholars in the
43 The University is currently growing its graduate student enrollment.
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