124 · ARL Statistics 2008–2009
EMORY, cont.
16.a Shifting percentages due to move from print to electronic and purchase of many backfiles. [Main Library]
16.b Figure reflects the cancellation of subscriptions to reduce costs. [Oxford College Library]
16.c Figure reflects increased overall purchases. [Oxford College Library]
17 Only sent one shipment to the bindery this year. [Oxford College Library]
18.a Figure reflects reductions of library staff due to economic conditions. [Oxford College Library]
18.c Figure reflects increased number of library student employees. [Oxford College Library]
22 Increase due to substantial one-time e-resource purchases for general collections and MARBL (special collections). [Main
24.b Increased cataloging due to increased purchases. [Oxford College Library]
25 Decreased purchases due to economic conditions. [Oxford College Library]
26 Increase likely caused by increased accessibility to ILL option through new library interface, DiscoverE. [Oxford College
28 Figure reflects reduced service desks. [Main Library]
31 Fewer staff are providing instruction sessions, but there are a greater number of larger sessions. [Main Library]
32 The 2007-2008 figure should have been 14,032. Data for 2008-2009 are incomplete. [Main Library]
Library branches included: All Gainesville, Florida campus libraries: Marston (Science), Architecture/Fine Arts, Journalism,
Music, Education, Law, and Health Science Center. Also includes the Health Science library facility in Jacksonville, Florida.
5.b.ii This number increased because we started using a new Serials Solution feature that provides access from our catalog to
available open access journals.
39 This number is the same as reported for 2008; the statistics for 2009 will not be updated by the University of Florida until
February 2010.
Library branches included: Main Library (Strozier), Dirac Science Library, College of Engineering Library, Allen Music
Library, Goldstein College of Information Library, Ringling Museum of Art Library, Panama City, Panama Library, and
Panama City, Florida Library.
Data from the Law and Health Science Library are also included in the figures reported.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2008 revised to 3,030,833 which includes 2,667,976 volumes from the Main Library, 354,161 volumes
from the Law Library, and 8,696 volumes from the Health Science Library.
1.b Volumes added - net. decrease in volumes added due to budget cuts. University Libraries (Main, Dirac Science and
Engineering) approval plan dropped many titles and every library at FSU experienced budget cuts this past fiscal year. All
counts (except for College of Medicine) were down. There was also an increase in volumes withdrawn due to several special
weeding projects at the Main Library, principally a project to withdraw second copies and the withdrawal of non-Florida
State documents.
1.b.i Increase due to addition of a 3,532 volumes of bound serials previously owned but not counted.
5.a.i Increase due to the acquisition of Academic Search Complete which added 7,422 additional journals.
5.b.i The increase in the number of Consortial journals went up due to the acquisition of new databases.
5.b.ii The number of freely accessible journals went up because we activated two freely accessible databases within Serials
10 There was a decrease in this figure because the Claude Pepper Center Library’s holdings were not included in this year’s
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