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32 New method of counting, using READ software, results in lower counts. The READ Scale is a six-point scale used for
recording qualitative statistics related to user queries. The READ Scale count is closer to a 1:1 ratio of patron to question
transactions. The scale places an emphasis on the skills, knowledge, techniques, and tools used by the librarian during a
specific reference transaction.
Data from the Law and Health Sciences Library are also included in the figures reported.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2008 revised to 3,681,102.
1.b A large number of e-books were cataloged this year.
5 Variances from 2007-2008 figure due to better, more accurate counting methodology.
16.c This is large due to some big one-time database purchases.
16.d The amount usually reported here is no longer being provided.
22 This is large due to one-time purchases.
Library branches included: Math/Astronomy/Physics, Chemistry, Music, Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Science and
Technology, and Southampton.
Data from the Health Science Library are also included in the figures reported.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2008 revised to 2,265,566 which includes 1,991,940 volumes from the Main Library and 273,626
volumes from the Health Science Library.
16 Includes research and foundation funds and NYS Coordinated Collection Development Grant ($143,488).
16.d Includes bibliographic utilities ($281,900), ILL and document delivery ($31,561), freight ($17,440), off-site storage ($66,560), and
memberships ($102,344).
17 Includes funds from NYS Preservation Grant ($8,876).
40 Figure is for all campuses.
Library branches included: Main and Law.
1.b.i This figure now includes electronic books.
32 Reference statistics for 2007-2008 were under-reported. That year the figure was actually 49,082.
Library branches included: On main campus - Science, Engineering & Architecture Library (SEAL), Charles L. Blockson
Afro-American Collection; On other campuses: Ambler Library and Harrisburg Library.
Data from the Law Library and the Health Sciences Libraries are also included in the figures reported.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2008 revised to 3,700,645 which includes 3,111,135 volumes from the Main Library, 445,941 volumes
from the Law Library, and 143,569 volumes from the Health Sciences Libraries. Revised from 2007-2008 figure to include the
following records added: 59,249 e-book records added as part of one-time downloads during 2008-2009; plus 435,857 e-book
records added between 2000-2001 and 2007-2008 but not reported earlier.
1.b.i Includes 318 monographic e-books reported in Q3.
1.b.ii More weeding was done in 2008-2009 than in previous years.
3 Includes 318 monographic e-books per Q3 definition. Does not include 59,249 e-books added during 2008-2009 as one-time
downloads. These 59,249 e-books are reported in Q1a.
18.b Decrease in overall support staff expenditures from 2007-2008 figure is due to change in the tracking of Law Library support
staff expenditures.
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