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39 Excludes clinical, research, and auxiliary faculty.
42-43 Includes professional students.
Library branches included: Schusterman. [Main Library].
Data from the Law and Health Science Library are also included in the figures reported.
1.b-1.b.i Figure reflects a decrease in items purchased. [Main Library]
1.b.ii Figure reflects an increase in deselection. [Main Library]
3 Figure reflects an increase in acquisition of e-books. [Main Library]
5 Serial statistics are reported as deduped for all libraries following ARL best practices. [Main Library, Schusterman]
5.a.ii Figure reflects a decrease in acquisition of print items. [Main Library]
8 Figure reflects an increase in electronic resources. [Main Library]
16.d Figure reflects increased ILL processing and postage costs. [Main Library]
20, 25 Library management system was upgraded. [Main Library]
30 Figure reflects increased library presentations. [Main Library]
33-34 Figure reflects new data collection methodology. [Main Library]
35 Figure reflects increased use as lending library. [Main Library]
43 Figure reflects an increase in enrollment. [Main Library]
Library branches included: Oklahoma City, Okmulgee, Tulsa.
Data from the Health Science Library are also included in the figures reported.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2008 revised to 2,867,866 which includes 2,808,425 volumes from the Main Library and 59,441 volumes
from the Health Science Library.
3 Based on instructions from ARL we included 37,760 e-books purchased in 2008-2009.
5.b This increase is a combination of an increase in the number of open access journals that are cataloged and the addition of
full-text tiles in statewide funded databases.
12 Decrease due to extensive weeding project and decision to count sets of materials rather than individual items.
17 This decrease is due to the fact that we are no longer binding theses or dissertations. Additionally, the decrease in the
purchase of print serials and fewer print government documents means less binding.
18-18.c Includes fringe benefits.
40 This figure does not include students working on their doctorate of veterinary medicine degree who are served by our
campus libraries. The IPEDS categories requested in the survey do not include first professional students, the category in
which these students are classified.
Library branches included: Knight Library (main), Science Library, Mathematics Library, Architecture and Allied Arts
Library, Marine Biology Library, Portland Library and Learning Commons.
Data from the Law Library are also included in the figures reported.
1 Includes 135,360 e-books.
2 Figure includes 1,665,586 print titles and 135,360 e-books.
5.a.i, 5.b.ii 12,779 electronic titles reported as purchased last year are actually freely available and reported correctly this year.
16.c Other library materials costs are included in monographs or serials.
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