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5.b.iv Increase due to more Voyager records for Govt. Docs.
23 Includes e-journals.
Library branches included: The library system on the West Lafayette campus, consisting of 11 subject-oriented libraries, an
undergraduate library, and a special collections research center.
1 Includes cataloged government documents. Includes e-books from the following vendors/sources: ASM handbooks (26),
Cognet (490), Credo Reference (426), EEBO (125,000), ECCO (150,000), EngNetBase (105), Gale Virtual Reference (96), ACLS
Humanities Ebooks (2,200), Knovel Online (~1,600), Springer (na), ASAE (4), WorldBank ELibrary (4,500), ASABE (14), and
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2008 revised to 2,509,156. Decrease in volumes held is largely due to decrease in gross volumes added.
3 Represents number of titles rather than volumes. Does not include e-books or materials purchased on sponsored research
programs. Decrease from previous year reflects decrease in titles purchased and increased accuracy in reporting.
5 Excludes numbered monograph series. Decrease is a result of more accurate reporting, reflecting enhanced clarity in
instructions for best practices for deduplicating serial titles.
5.b Total of 13,498 for Q5 cannot be disaggregated for 5bi, 5bii, 5biii, and 5biv. Includes cataloged depository, exchange, and gift
serials, and e-journals received through statewide consortium.
13 Decrease due to the withdrawal of all audio cassettes and laser discs during the year.
14 Figure reflects major deselection project of videocassettes in 2008-2009.
16.b Figure reflects increase in costs associated with serials.
16.c Decrease reflects more accurate tracking of resources.
16.d Reflects increased expenditures for bibliographic utilities.
17 Decrease reflects mid-year decision to bind only print-only titles.
18-18.c Includes fringe benefits.
20 Decrease is due to reduction in budget.
22 Includes large one-time purchases through CIC consortium.
23 Increase reflects increasing costs of licensed electronic resources.
25 Decrease reflects decision to skip a round of workstation refresh in 2008-2009 and to address server refresh through
virtualization and consolidation rather than new equipment.
26 Increase largely reflects change in schedule of payments to ILL services provider.
27.a Decrease reflects vacant lines that have been closed due to budget reductions and realignment of resources.
30 Excludes use of online, interactive tutorial “CORE.”
31 Discrepancy when compared to 2007-2008 data reflects return to pre-2007-2008 practice for collecting participant data.
32 Includes 3,560 reference transactions via digital reference service.
All figures are as of 04/30/2009.
Library branches included: Humanities and Socials Sciences (Stauffer), Engineering and Science (Douglas), Special
Collections and Music (Jordan), and Education.
Data from the Law and Health Science Library are also included in the figures reported. Figures for questions 37, 38 and 40-
43 are as of November 2008. Figure for question 39 is as of October 2008.
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