140 · ARL Statistics 2008–2009
20 $268,413 expended using special one-time plant funding.
22 Replacement of destroyed items (due to 2006 fire) is now concluded. Total expenditures have now returned to normal levels.
Also, funds available vary from year to year due to one-time allocations.
24.a Increase due to increased charges from OCLC, Serials Solutions, and also due to off cycle payments.
25 Total available for computer and server replacements varies significantly each year.
26 Increase due to the implementation of a new service which generated additional and increased fees from IFM and CCC.
27.c We hired additional students for fire recovery services and projects. The total is now returned to normal levels. Also,
minimum wage increase resulted in fewer funds available per student hired.
29 Increase due to the addition of 24 hours/5 days per week services in one branch (responding to student requests).
35 All periodicals sent out for cleaning after 2006 fire are now returned and available to lend.
36 Implemented Library Express, a new service.
All figures are as of 08/31/2009.
Library branches included: Bobst Library, Institute of Fine Arts (IFA) Library, Real Estate Institute (REI) Library, Courant
Institute of Mathematical Sciences (CIMS) Library, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (ISAW) Library, Law School
Library, Medical School, and Dental School Libraries.
1.a Volumes held revised to 5,079,515 which includes 4,073,311 volumes from the Division of Libraries, 782,290 volumes from the
Law Library, and 223,914 volumes from the Health Science Libraries.
5, 5.a.i Increase primarily reflects larger number of titles under control via SFX that were previously held but not included in the
database. There is also some impact from the addition of full access to all titles in IEEE Engineering Society library in Fiscal
Year 2009 added in response to the new relationship between NYU and Brooklyn Polytechnic.
5, 5.b Increase due in part to open access growth; also, an increased number of titles under control via SFX were previously held
but not included in the database.
16.a Monograph expenditure figures reflect all one-time purchases, including large electronic and other acquisitions, which vary
significantly from year to year. Actual expenditures for monographs have increased only marginally.
27.a Increase in archival staff headcount due to increase in new short-term archival projects in 2008-2009.
Library branches included: Institute of Marine Sciences Library.
Data from the Law and Health Science Library are also included in the figures reported.
1 Includes government documents.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2008 revised to 6,616,164 which includes 5,916,048 volumes from the Main Library, 361,087 volumes
from the Law Library, and 339,029 volumes from the Health Science Library. Figure includes 89,340 e-books that represent a
large load of records for the Serial Set (Lexis Nexis), but the purchase was made before 2008-2009.
5 Serial total includes 14,874 titles acquired in previous years but not counted until 2008-2009 and 13,587 titles lacking ISSNs
that could not be accounted for using prior methodology.
16.d Includes payments for CRL memberships.
21 Includes $6,317,893 in grants, trust, and other special funds (without benefits); excludes $330,125 in expenditures for the
Triangle Research Library Network from funds contributed by Duke, North Carolina State, and North Carolina Central
Universities. Also includes 11.7 FTE professional and support staff on special grant funds and 6.4 FTE on special projects;
excludes 3.25 FTE paid from funds contributed by Duke, North Carolina State, and North Carolina Central Universities for
support of the Triangle Research Libraries Network.
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