142 · ARL Statistics 2008–2009
Library branches included: Hesburgh Library (Main) includes: Architecture Library, Art Image Library, Business
Information Center, Chemistry/Physics Library, Engineering Library, Kellogg/Kroc Information Center, and Mathematics
Library. In addition the Kresge Law Library and University Archives have been reported. [Main Library].
3 The statistic for the number of monographs purchased is understated due to the number of items purchased as part of
a collection. When a collection is purchased as one order, it is counted as one volume regardless of the number of items
included in the collection. This understates the statistic for volumes purchased for year in which large collections are
purchased. However, when these collections are cataloged the individual volumes are added to volumes held in Q1. [Main
5 The subtotals of this question have been changed to UA/NA so that the operating system could aggregate the Law library
survey. The serials 45,321 were originally reported as: (5a) 25,083 with subtotals of (5ai) 21,008; (5aii) 4,075 and (5b) 20,238
with subtotals of (5bi) 4,765; (5bii) 11,439; (5biii) 384; (5biv) 3,650. [Main Library]
5.b Current serial received, not purchased includes titles that are received from other institutions in exchange for titles that we
have purchased. These were previously included in the statistic for purchased serials, but because no dollars are used to
obtain these titles directly, the titles obtained in this manner have been included in the statistic for titles not purchased in the
current year. [Main Library]
10 Manuscripts/Archives (linear ft.) have been reported for the University Archives. This figure is unavailable for the Main
Libraries. Law library reported 0. [Main Library]
10 This figure represents our entire holdings. It consists primarily of archival records and manuscripts but it also includes
substantial quantities of printed, microfilm, artifact, audio, visual, film, graphic, and digital materials. Our holdings are
organized according to the archival principle of provenance. Our controls over our records are therefore primarily oriented
towards the creator of the records and only secondarily on the particular types of materials. [University Archives]
12 Graphic materials housed in the Art Image Library consist of two components; the analog and digital collections. The analog
slide collection holds approximately 210,000 to 230,000 35mm slides available to faculty and students for research, teaching,
and presentation purposes. The digital collection has over 31,000 digital images. However, due to copyright restrictions these
low-resolution images are only available to Art, Art History and Design faculty and are not included in the total graphic
materials reported. [Main Library]
13 Additional audio materials were added from a new fund that was designated by the University for the purchase of sacred
music collections in 2008-2009. [Main Library]
16.d Miscellaneous materials expenditures consist primarily of memberships for the purpose of obtaining/accessing publications
and literature searching. [Main Library]
17 Contract binding expenditures decreased due to a purposeful reduction in binding activities. [Main Library]
18 The total salaries and wages figure for the University Archives does not include $152,106 in fringe benefits. It would be
very time consuming to apportion the fringe benefits to the three salary classifications given, though the amount can be
approximated on a pro rata basis, with only a minimal amount (about 7% of salary) allocated to student employees and the
remainder split between the remaining two categories. [University Archives]
18.a Professional staff expenditures have increased by 12% due to the inclusion of non-faculty professional staff in the amounts
reported on line 18.a. (Total Salaries and Wages for Professional Staff) rather than 18.b. (Total Salaries and Wages for Support
Staff). Both the FTE and expenditures reported related to professional staff were reported in the support staff lines in 2007-
2008. Had the expenditures for these 7 FTE’s been included in the professional staff line in the 2007-2008 fiscal year, the
difference would have resulted in an increase of only 4.5%. [Main Library]
18.a-18.c Fringe benefits not included in 2008-2009 figures. [University Archives]
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