126 · ARL Statistics 2008–2009
32.a Two locations report sampling. One is a sample of a period of time, 3 weeks between February and March. The other is an
estimate of 20 transactions per week for 40 weeks.
37 The School for Engineering and Applied Sciences is now awarding PhD’s instead of DSc’s.
Data from the Law and Health Science Library are also included in the figures reported.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2008 revised to 3,371,878 which includes 2,359,424 volumes from the Main Library, 912,482 volumes
from the Law Library, and 99,972 volumes from the Health Science Library.
36 Increase due to ArticleReach statistics being included in the 2008-2009 figure.
Data from the Law Library are also included in the figures reported.
1 Includes OECD (3,045), PAHO (12), EEBO (164,896), Gale (10), Misc. e-books (42).
3 Includes 199 e-books purchased.
16.d Memberships $92,531; Bibliographic utilities $100,992; Shipping & Handling $59,851; Endnote & Refworks $40,702; Media
$50,727; Maintenance $1,500.
Library branches included: Main Library and the Architecture Library.
1.b.i Discontinued binding print journals for cost savings. This significantly reduced the number of volumes added.
5.a Modified method of counting journals and reduced number of subscriptions. This reduced the overall journal count.
14 Purchased large number of DVDs with grant funding.
17 Discontinued binding journals during 2008-2009 for cost savings.
24.a We made a large deposit to our deposit account at the end of 2007-2008. We deferred making significant payments in 2008-
2009 for cost savings.
25 Decrease due to deferment of staff computer purchases.
32 We began including reference statistics from our branch library in 2008-2009. Figure reflects this change.
34 This should have been reported as unavailable in 2007-2008. We do not count renewals.
All figures are as of 04/30/2009.
Library branches included: McLaughlin Library (Main), Ontario Veterinary College Library.
1.b.i Includes both print and electronic monograph volumes, unlike 2007-2008.
1.b.ii Variation in volumes withdrawn, relative to 2007-2008, not seen as significant. Space for collection growth is limited.
5.a.i Includes total number of electronic serial titles available through aggregator packages, accessible through Library web site.
5.b.ii Total now includes the journals listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (4,375 in total) available through Library’s
web site.
16-26 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (16a) $1,353,742; (16b) $4,295,728; (16c) $184,497; (16d) $954,570; (16) $6,788,537;
(17) $27,844; (18a) $3,368,440; (18b) $3,030,466; (18c) $259,780; (18) $6,658,686; (20) $1,103,702; (21) $14,578,769; (22) $425,818; (23)
$4,061,661; (24a) $206,270; (24b) $284,051; (25) $469,228; (26) $91,408.
16.b Serial expenditures increased due to funding increases and inflation.
16.c Increase in expenditures due to one-time purchase of electronic products like journal backfiles.
16.d Marked increase due to “infrastructure” payments to support OCUL Scholars Portal, Canadian Research Knowledge
Network, open access, and other initiatives.
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