112 · ARL Statistics 2008–2009
ALBERTA, cont.
37 This figure can vary from year to year.
38 Number of Ph.D. fields can vary from year to year.
Library branches included: Main, Science Engineering, and Fine Arts.
Data from the Law and Health Sciences Library are also included in the figures reported.
1.b.i The Library cataloged several large campus/gift collections during 2008-2009.
5.a.i The figures reported this year represent the deduped serial titles available to the University after the campus-wide
implementation of Serials Solutions.
30 Decrease due to a shift away from classroom style instruction to online instruction.
32 Decrease due to implementation of online data-gathering procedures. Technological and directional questions were not
included (but also decreased).
Library branches included: ASU Tempe, ASU West, ASU Polytechnic, ASU Downtown Phoenix, and the Law Library.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2008 revised to 4,354,164 which includes 4,079,747 volumes from the Main Library and 274,417
volumes from the Law Library.
3 A major Tempe approval plan was suspended throughout 2008-2009. Additionally, firm orders and serials binding for all
campuses were decreased due to budget uncertainty.
16.a Tempe campus approval plans were suspended throughout the 2008-2009 fiscal year due to budget uncertainty.
16.c Change due to increase in one-time e-book and serial backfile expenditures made late in fiscal year.
16.d Change due to increased membership payment. Additionally, CRL membership was paid from Operations in 2007-2008 but
not recorded in 15d in error.
17 Due to budget uncertainty, binding was suspended on all campuses until April 2009.
18.b Less due to FTE Budget Reduction.
20 OCLC WorldCat Collection Analysis circa were paid from Operations instead of Information budget in 2007-2008, but in
2008-2009, the payment reverted back to Information budget. Decrease in expenditures is also due to temporary budget
reductions. Furthermore, funds that were in the past moved to operations from personnel were reverted to accommodate the
temporary budget reductions.
22 Due to uncertainty over budget revertments, major print purchases were suspended until late in the fiscal year. The libraries
also identified one-time ER purchases to use money saved from earlier in the year. Money donated from West Operations
budget was used to purchase e-books.
24.a Portico payment was reported in Q24a instead of Q23. Furthermore, Amigos was not paid in 2007-2008 due to prepayments
in 2006-2007. Additionally, no equipment was purchased in 2008-2009.
25 See footnote to Q20 (same figure in Q20 and Q25). Furthermore, computer/printer replacement cycle was not done due to
budgetary constraints.
26 2007-2008 figure included almost all of pay-per-view ILL expenses. Furthermore, pay-per-view was not ordered in 2008-2009,
and loans exceeded borrowing through Amigos.
27.b Less due to FTE Budget Reduction.
27.c Total student wages were recalculated to reflect average hourly student wage of 7.00 per hour working 1,040 hours per year.
29 Increase due to inclusion of public service hours for all five branch libraries in 2008-2009, whereas the 2007-2008 figure only
included only three branches.
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