132 · ARL Statistics 2008–2009
MCGILL, cont.
3 We purchased many new e-book packages as well as new titles for packages previously purchased: Apabi e-books, Blackwell
Reference Online, Books 24x7 (additional titles), Cambridge Histories Online, Cambridge University Press e-books,
Canadian Electronic Library Publishers Collection for health and public policy, Classical Scores Library, Defining Gender,
DLB, Dram, Early Canadiana Online, Evans Early American Imprints, Gale Virtual Reference (additional titles), Knovel
(additional titles), LWW Medical Book Collection, LLMC Digital (additional titles), Macmillian cabinet papers, Naxos Music
Library, NetLibrary® (additional title), Oxford Digital Reference shelf, Oxford Scholarship Online, Oxford University Press
e-books, Past Masters PEP Archive (Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing), PsycBooks, Safari Tech books (additional titles),
SourceOECD, Si Ku Quan Shu Database with 3,461 e-books, Springer 2008 & 2009 e-books (MyiLibrary collection), Taylor &
Francis e-book package, United States Congressional Serial Set, Wiley e-books, World Bank (additional titles), FoodNetBase,
16-26 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (16a) $4,433,398; (16b) $9,648,003; (16c) $245,076; (16d) $828,320; (16) $15,154,797;
(17) $202,755; (18a) $5,504,792; (18b) $6,878,996; (18c) $468,685; (18) $12,852,473; (20) $4,865,278; (21) $33,075,303; (22) $743,242; (23)
$8,201,983; (24a) $0; (24b) $0; (25) $1,164,436; (26) $49,434.
39 The figure for the number of full-time instructional faculty was taken from the McGill factbook.
All figures are as of 04/30/2009.
Library branches included: Mills Memorial Library, H.G. Thode Library of Science & Engineering, Innis (Business) Library,
and the Health Sciences Library.
1 All figures are as of 04/30/2009. After much discussion we have decided to move to a bibliographic count for this question,
resulting in a total of 1,869,330 volumes, which includes 368,191 e-books. This will be our base count moving forward. The
figure used in previous years was a mixture of physical and bibliographic counts.
1.a Volumes held revised to 1,891,993 which includes 1,747,078 volumes from the Main Library and 144,915 volumes from the
Health Sciences Library. The 2007-2008 figure (2,135,520) was a mix of physical and bibliographic counts.
3 46,416 e-books were purchased in 2008-2009. 3,601 were title by title purchases. 3,585 were short term loans, and 39,230 were
purchased through consortial packages.
9, 14 This figure is now a bibliographic count.
11 This collection was weeded in 2008-2009. 7,742 items were removed from the collection of satellite images.
16-26 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (16a) $1,380,743; (16b) $6,611,308; (16c) $212,071; (16d) $1,107,900; (16) $9,312,022;
(17) $7,233; (18a) $4,056,082; (18b) $3,599,220; (18c) $635,624; (18) $8,290,926; (20) $2,747,842; (21) $20,358,023; (22) $189,974; (23)
$4,596,670; (24a) $0; (24b) $0; (25) $644,529; (26) $49,591.
20 This figure includes equipment costs that were expensed as part of the classroom renewal project. Classroom and AV
services are now a unit of the library.
24.a-24.b These charges are now included in Acquisitions Support, not operating expenditures.
All figures are as of 03/31/2009.
Library branches included: William R. Newman Library, Architecture Fine Arts Library, Archives & Special Collections;
Elizabeth Dafoe Library; Fr. Harold Drake Library; St. John’s College Library; Donald W. Craik Engineering Library; E.K.
Williams Law Library; Albert D. Cohen Management Library; Eckhardt-Gramatte Music Library; Sciences and Technology
Library; Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library; Bill Larson Library; Carolyn Sifton-Helen Fuld Library; Concordia
Hospital Library; J.W. Crane Memorial Library; Misericordia Hospital Library; Riverview Health Centre Virtual Library;
Seven Oaks General Hospital Library; Victoria General Hospital Library.
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