130 · ARL Statistics 2008–2009
Library branches included: Milton S. Eisenhower Library, Welch Medical Library, Institute of the History of Medicine,
Arthur Friedheim Library and J. Peabody Institute Archives, SAIS Mason Library, Washington Centers.
Johns Hopkins facility in Florence, Italy was sold, including all of its library materials. Data from the Medical Library are
also included in the figures shown.
1 Applied Physics Library closed its physical location 10/1/2009. The physical collection was dispersed throughout 2008-2009.
2008-2009 financial data not available from APL.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2008 revised to 3,730,439.
Library branches included: Regents Center Library and Edwards Campus (Overland Park, KS).
Data from the Law and Health Science Library are also included in the figures reported.
1.b.i, 3 Lower 2008-2009 print book total reflects approval plan reductions. 2008-2009 e-book total is lower than 2007-2008 because
2007-2008 included 13,307 Springer e-books. No e-book collection of comparable size was acquired in 2008-2009.
5.a In 2008-2009 added new databases that increased access to online full-text journals (chiefly IEEE/IET Electronic Library).
5.b Changed count method from 2007-2008.
16.c 2007-2008 total reflects more 1-time digital collection purchases and more non-book material purchases than 2008-2009.
41-43 Beginning Fall 2008 all graduate students in thesis or dissertation preparation are counted as full-time per federal IPEDS
Library branches included: Main, Architecture, Chemistry/Physics, Fashion, Map, Mathematics & Computer Sciences, and
Library branches NOT included: Regional campus libraries (NOT on the Kent campus).
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2008 revised to 2,853,956.
5 Serial titles are not deduplicated.
5.a The numbers reported represent an estimate and are not deduplicated. Serials have been difficult to deduplicate by titles
rather than by subscription since serials now come in multiple and differing formats. This estimate in serial titles has
resulted in an increased number of serials but a reduction in the expenditures for serials. Thus, our unit price for serials
purchased may be unrealistically low.
11 Count of cartographic materials in past years included only cataloged items. 2008-2009 count includes map library’s
inventory of all items.
27.c The 2008-2009 figure reflects our use of a 40 hour work week as full-time for students.
Library branches included: Agricultural Information Center, Design Library, Education Library, Engineering Library, Equine
Library, Little Fine Arts Library, Kentucky Transportation Center Library, Law Library, Medical Center Library, Science
Library, Special Collections Library, and William T. Young Library.
3 Total includes 13,130 e-books.
5.a.i Includes Main Library and Medical Library electronic serial titles. We are unable to break out a separate total for the Medical
5.b.i Includes Law and Medical libraries. We are unable to break out separate totals for the Law and Medical libraries.
5.b.ii Includes Law and Medical libraries freely accessible serial titles. We are unable to break out separate totals for Law and
Medical libraries.
5.b.iv We are unable to deduplicate government documents serial titles.
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