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3 Decrease due to a 9% temporary budget reduction for 2008-2009, totaling $2 million. The component of the materials budget
most heavily impacted was the print monographic budget.
5.b.i Our co-investments with CDL increased during 2008-2009 as a component of local and system-wide planning.
5.b.ii UCR Libraries have developed more accurate means of capturing the unique titles of serials that it subscribes to but that are
not purchased.
5.b.iii The UCR Libraries have reorganized its Gifts and Exchanges Program for greater efficiencies in tracking gifts and
14 Faculty demands for multi-media resources continue to grow and escalate as a result of multi-disciplinary program
development in media and culture and University movement toward development of “tool box” classrooms.
16.d UCR Libraries did not acquire special collections, archives, and rare books purchased with funds specially allocated to the
materials budget during 2008-2009.
17 Contract binding was reduced during 2008-2009 to cover temporary budget reductions and reallocated to more critical areas
of the Libraries’ expenditure plan.
Library branches included: Arts Library, CLICS: Center for Library and Instruction Computing Services, East Asia
Collection, International Relations and Pacific Studies Library, Mandeville Special Collections Library, Science and
Engineering Library, Scripps Institute of Oceanography Library, Social Science and Humanities Library.
Data from the Health Science Libraries are included in the figures reported.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2008 revised to 3,613,493 which includes 3,372,785 volumes from the Main Library and 240,708
volumes from the two Health Science Libraries.
3 Number of monographic volumes purchased excludes 84,171 e-books.
16.c Decrease due to change in reporting. Some resources reported in previous years in the “other” category have been reported
in monographs and serials for 2008-2009.
18-18.c Includes fringe benefits.
28 Increase due to extension of public service hours to 168 during Finals Week each quarter.
32 Count includes virtual reference transactions.
Library branches included: Arts Library.
18-18.c Includes fringe benefits.
Library branches included: The Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences - Harris Library.
Data from the Law and Health Science Library are included in the figures reported.
16.d This expenditure includes memberships for ARL, SPARC, CNI, OhioLINK, ICPSR, and EEBO/TCP and theses charges from
38 Decrease due to streamlining of the way we count programs for purposes of our accrediting agency.
Library branches included: Law and Health Sciences Libraries.
1 Includes 831,860 electronic monographs.
1.b, 1.b.ii Includes 5,747 previously uncounted withdrawals.
2 Includes 35,414 electronic monographs purchased this year; does not include monographs for which we previously had
access and had counted as added, but added MARC records for this year.
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