138 · ARL Statistics 2008–2009
5 5. Add in the non-purchased titles without ISSNs to get total of electronic titles
a. **See #2b**
b. 3467 + 13,000 = 16,467 in 2007
c. 4127 + 13,571 = 17,698 in 2008
d. 5350 + 14,913 = 20,263 in 2009
5.b Breakdown for consortial, freely accessible, and documents per the survey is not available. Total number of unique non-
purchased titles is 20,263, which includes 10,900 print titles.
12-14 Breakdown by format not available. Total AV items is 905,112.
16.c Decrease due to fewer purchases of electronic serial back runs.
16.d Figure reflects expenses from collections budget for ILL and from shared digital repository.
42 Includes professional.
Library branches included: Archives, Math, Engineering, Geology, Journalism, Vet Med and Health Sciences.
Data from the Law Library are also included in the figures reported.
5 Editor’s Note: All serials figures for the Ellis Library estimated based on 2007-2008 data with the exception of the consortial
figures (5.b.i), which were increased from 6,588 titles in 2007-2008 to 14,767 titles in 2008-2009.
All figures are as of 05/31/2009 [Bibliothèques UdeM, École Polytechnique de Montréal].
Data from the Law (Droit), École Polytechnique de Montréal, HEC Montréal and Santé (Health Sciences) Library are included
in the figures reported [Bibliothèques UdeM].
Library branches NOT included: Bibliothèques UdeM, Droit (Law), Santé (Health sciences), and HEC Montréal. [École
Polytechnique de Montréal].
1.a Volumes held revised to 3,175,855 which includes 2,010,825 volumes from the Bibliothèques UdeM, 281,068 volumes from
the École Polytechnique de Montréal Library, 363,103 volumes from the HEC Montréal Library, 183,218 volumes from the
Law (Droit) Library, and 337,641 volumes from the Santé (Health Sciences) Library. This error explains the difference of 7,198.
[Bibliothèques UdeM]
16-26 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (16a) $3,082,194; (16b) $10,999,352; (16c) $180,688; (16d) $26,867; (16) $14,289,101;
(17) $163,220; (18a) $8,060,914; (18b) $11,030,824; (18c) $175,247; (18) $19,266,985; (20) $1,062,610; (21) $34,781,916; (22) $245,484; (23)
$8,192,202; (24a) $81,847; (24b) $0; (25) $481,069; (26) $236,614.
24.b 2007-2008 figure should have been 0. [Bibliothèques UdeM]
Library branches included: Don Love Memorial Library, Mathematics Library, Music Library, Architecture Library, Geology
Library, Engineering Library, and the C. Y. Thompson Library.
Data from the Law Library are also included in the figures reported.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2008 revised to 3,204,058 which includes 2,962,248 volumes from the Main Library and 241,810
volumes from the Law Library.
1.b, 3, 16.a The increase is largely due to the fact that the values for 2007-2008 were uncharacteristically low because the Libraries
switched approval plan vendors in 2007-2008.
1.b.ii In the 2007-2008, UNL Libraries launched a significant weeding project. The 2008-2009 figure is actually a typical year of
5.a.ii UNL Libraries Serials Review process included decreasing the amount of print serials in favor of electronic serials.
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