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5 B. Not Purchased
1. Identify all non-purchased electronic titles using query
a. W85=http and WFT=SE MINUS W85=http and WFT=SE not (W85=gpo or W85=gov or WGP=F or WGP=I or
WGP=S) and WSL=?INTE not WSL=AINTE (ie not purchased)
b. i.e., start with any serial record with a link and then take out those that are not gov docs
c. Eser_not_pur
d. 16,293 in 2007
e. 17,867 in 2008
f. 20,368 in 2009
2. Run bib IDs through p_print_03 to get ISSNs from 022
a. Most of these records do not have an 022 field
b. Since we don’t expect to have order records for these titles, we plan to add the full number of records
without ISSNs back into the total at the end.
i. In 2006-2007, this number was 13,000
ii. In 2007-2008, this number was 13,571
iii. In 2008-2009, this number was 14,913
c. Not unique
i. 3610 in 2007
ii. 4296 in 2008
iii. 5455 in 2009
3. Run ARC query to get all Bib IDs and ISSNs associated with a Non-Purchase Method order record
a. Ser_notpur_ord
b. Not unique
c. 8099 in 2007
d. 11,976 in 2008
e. 11,888 in 2009
4. Compare the ISSNs from #6 with the ISSNs from #7 using Erik’s script and dedupe into two buckets:
a. Non-purchased electronic titles
i. Includes any overlap between electronic and other formats
ii. 3467 in 2007
iii. 4127 in 2008
iv. 5350 in 2009
b. Non-purchased titles in print/other format only (i.e., not held electronically)
i. 10,741 in 2007
ii. 11,052 in 2008
iii. 10,900 in 2009
c. Overlap (i.e., in both files)
i. 804 in 2007
ii. 924 in 2008
iii. 988 in 2009
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