148 · ARL Statistics 2008–2009
QUEEN’S , cont.
16-26 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (16a) $1,362,335; (16b) $7,583,888; (16c) $119,555; (16d) $650,641; (16) $9,716,419;
(17) $73,364; (18a) $3,714,674; (18b) $4,502,796; (18c) $335,460; (18) $8,552,930; (20) $1,420,239; (21) $19,762,952; (22) $0; (23)
$5,787,074; (24a) $0; (24b) $523,820; (25) $234,222; (26) $33,061.
Library branches included: Fondren Library (Main) and Business Information Center.
1 Includes 24,273 Texshare e-books; 47,517 government document e-books; and 8,222 NetLibrary and other e-books.
1.b.i Includes 2 Texshare e-books; 10,328 government document e-books; and 7,006 NetLibrary and other e-books.
1.b.ii Decrease within normal variation for annual withdrawals.
5 Increase due to large increases in the number of free serials and to modest increases in paid titles.
5.b Increase due to strengthened commitment to representing free serials in catalog and broadening government document
10 Manuscripts and archives reported in cubic feet.
16.a, 16.c, 27.b Decrease due to uneven impact of budget cuts.
16.d Includes memberships ($265,410.34), ILL ($37,801.64), in-house binding supplies ($17,313.09), and bibliographic utilities
18 One FTE professional and one FTE student grant-funded.
18.b, 22 Decrease due to uneven impact of budget cuts.
23 Increase due to uneven impact of budget cuts and improved data capture.
24.a Some of increase due to minimal carryover in deposit account.
25 Some of decrease due to absence of grant-funded equipment purchases.
31 Increase due to increased number of large presentations.
34 Increase possibly due to building renovation.
Library branches included: Eastman School of Music Library.
Data from the Health Sciences Library are also included in the figures reported.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2008 revised to 3,715,385 which includes 3,446,277 volumes from the Main Library and 269,108
volumes from the Health Sciences Library. Figure reflects the addition of 14,144 e-books.
4 The basis of the count for 2,787 of the volumes is physical.
5.b.ii Includes 77 government documents.
6 Some are included under freely accessible.
18.a Includes grant funding.
20 Does not include facilities. 2007-2008 figure included facilities.
27.a Includes 6 grant positions.
28 Includes 4 from the Eastman School of Music Library.
30.a 120 based on sampling.
31.a 2,600 based on sampling.
33-34, 37-43 Includes reserves.
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