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18.c Expenditures for student assistants increased in 2008-2009 due to an increase in the number of students (8 FTE’s for the Main
Library) and an increase in student pay rates. [Main Library]
20 For the Main Library, the increase in other library operating expenditures for 2008-2009 was a result of increases in several
categories. The most notable in order of greatest dollar significance were: information technology = 33.8%; supplies = 23.5%;
renovation = 216.1%; resource delivery = 41.6%; and travel/professional development = 10.7%. [Main Library]
20 The University Archives spent less in this category in this year than last. [University Archives]
21 The total library expenditures figure does not include $152,106 in fringe benefits. It would be very time consuming to
apportion the fringe benefits to the three salary classifications given, though the amount can be approximated on a pro rata
basis, with only a minimal amount (about 7% of salary) allocated to student employees and the remainder split between the
remaining two categories. [University Archives]
22 Expenditures for one-time electronic resource purchases were less than half of the amount reported in 2007-2008 due to
the reduction in spending for bibliographic utilities, networks and consortia from internal library sources (a subset of this
statistic) and other planned reductions. See the footnote for line 24.a. [Main Library]
24.a The Main Library realized a 35.5% savings for expenditures for bibliographic utilities, networks, and consortia from internal
library sources due to the cessation of Resource Library Group (RLG) services and a reduction in payments to OCLC during
the year. [Main Library]
25 Computer equipment and peripherals expenditures were greater in 2008-2009 by over $190,000 compared to 2007-2008 due
to the cyclical nature of purchasing replacement equipment. In addition, other computer related expenditures including
software and software application fees increased by approximately $65,000. [Main Library]
26 Document delivery/interlibrary loan expenditures have increased by over 40% due in large part to the increased use of
copyrighted material (and associated fees) for electronic reserves. [Main Library]
27.a The FTE for professional staff has increased by 17% due to the inclusion of non-faculty professional staff in the FTE for line
27.a. rather than the support staff line. Had these 7 FTE’s been included in line 27.a. rather than 27.b. support staff in 2007-
08, the difference in FTE’s reported would have been an increase of only 8%. This includes an increase of one FTE for an
additional librarian in residence. [Main Library]
27.c The FTE for student assistants increased by nearly 29% due to an increase in student employment for departmental projects
in 2008-2009. [Main Library]
27.c The total hours worked by student employees equals less than half of one FTE. [University Archives]
30-31 The University Archives provided more tours this year than last. [University Archives]
32 The change in this statistic for the University Archives was due to improved collection of statistics requiring no sampling,
and an increase in reference questions in 2008-2009. [University Archives]
32.a This statistic for the University Archives is based about 80% on count and about 20% on a reasonably accurate estimate.
[University Archives]
35 Lending requests filled dropped by 15.8% due in part to the decrease in requests form materials received (fell by 2.5%) and
a large drop in OCLC articles filled (from 51.8% to 41% filled of requests received). The decrease fill rates are due in part to:
a massive location shift of materials during the year which made it difficult to locate materials, a personnel change in the
department, and an increase in materials requested that were charged out to our own users (8,993 items, almost 24% of all
OCLC requests). [Main Library]
Library branches included: Includes Athens (main), Chillicothe, Lancaster, Southern, Eastern, Zanesville libraries as well as
the College of Osteopathic Medicine Learning Resource Center.
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